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Kinedu helps parents with creative and age-appropriate activities that support baby’s development from pregnancy to 4 years old.

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Get a plan of age appropriate activities to entertain your baby and discover 1,600+ fun ideas to further strengthen your child’s skills every month.

Our videos have been proven to foster interactions and conducive child learning and development.

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Track your baby’s milestones every month and better understand where your child stands compared to others his or her age.
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Discover 1,600+ creative and fun activity ideas and 450+ articles to help you learn everything about your baby’s growth.
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Why is early childhood important?

The first 5 years of your baby’s life are a critical window of opportunity for your child’s development.

Why should I start early?

Early experiences – whether positive or negative – have a profound impact on the developing brain.

The most sensitive period to learn new skills is during your baby’s first 5 years of life, when more than 1 million neural connections are formed every second. This will set the foundation of your baby’s future learning, behavior, and health.

Let us guide you!

Our mission is to empower parents by providing developmentally adequate, science-based and age-appropriate activities for their children, strengthening their bond and encouraging positive early experiences.

We know that every child is different and our #1 priority is to give parents all around the world the most accurate and trustworthy content possible created by our team of early childhood experts.

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